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Over 1,000,000 homeless and abandoned animals each year find a new home through our shelter- could you help us?


Each year, millions of homeless animals are killed in animal controls. It's 2016 and the mass extermination of our animals is not only unacceptable, it is outrageous in a modern society. The movement towards becoming a "NO KILL" nation is gaining momentum. Let's work towards achieving this goal by signing/sharing petitions, contacting "pro animal" rights politicians and informing the media about abuses at animal controls.


Is to end the unnecessary euthanasia of helpless animals and to place them in permanent homes for the duration of their lives.

We at Angels of the Streets, would like to become the most compassionate and loveable rescue team out there. These beautiful little angels really needs us. And you can be part of this change.


Your support and help will not change the world, but would change their lives. Thank you for your compassion and support.



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